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Porsche Charging

The future is not what is going to happen, but what we are going to do.

Building the future of electrified sports cars is a challenge we have already taken up. A challenge to which we wanted to add the development of a network of charging points that is constantly evolving. A new service concept that encompasses innovative solutions designed for your everyday comfort.

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    Ultra-fast chargers
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Porsche Routes

No limits.

With Porsche there are no limits. We want to prove it by offering you a wide range of routes in Spain and Portugal. Everything you need to know about your trip, from the best experts.


Here you have the opportunity to experience new sensations designed primarily to activate all your senses.

Ruralka Experience

At Porsche, we invite you to enjoy an exclusive rural experience in collaboration with the hotel chain Ruralka with a selection of rural hotels. Equipped with all possible comforts for you and your Taycan, you’ll be able to discover hidden gems, enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, and relax on your own or with friends and family.



Its dishes, anchored in the Asturian tradition and fused with the latest trends, represent a creative twist reflected in our exclusive menu for Taycan customers.

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E-bike experience

Under our “Porsche Mobility Extended” slogan, enjoy the perfect combination of Taycan and a high-performance e-bike route. A unique experience that is sure to impress: driving, sport, sustainability, and fun at your fingertips. Everything managed and supervised by the best team: your Porsche Centre.

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Puerto Banús experience

Enjoy an unforgettable day. After a Taycan tour to Puerto Banús, you’ll enjoy an authentic shopping tour and a very special brunch.
The boat trip that follows will be the icing on the cake of this unique, 100% Taycan day.

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The advantage of several privileges that will always ride with you in your Porsche.


Exclusive service for any Porsche 4-door combustion vehicle: Macan, Cayenne or Panamera, including all models.

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Porsche Charging

Porsche Iberdrola High Power Charging Network.

Thanks to the agreement with Iberdrola, you will have access to 35 ultra-fast charging stations and free use of any Iberdrola charging point in Spain for six months.

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Trust the professionalism of our experts who have more than 100 years of knowledge in electric mobility.

Taycan Lab 1

Taycan Lab is a space to generate new emotions. The engine is different, but the passion and objective remain the same: to continue offering Customers and motoring lovers a unique experience of driving Porsches with petrol engines, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.

A few days before you receive your Taycan, your Porsche Centre will call you in for an immersive session all about your new Porsche electric sports car.

  • Taycan First Delivery

    We guarantee an immersive experience from the first moment. The day we hand over your new Taycan, you will receive all the instructions and tips you will need to drive it as well as possible.


Belonging to Porsche E-Generation gives you access to a set of privileged advantages that will always ride with you in your Porsche.

Taycan Telephone Assistance

You have a dedicated customer helpline to contact us to resolve any queries or issues with your Taycan.

Porsche Assistance 900111191

  • Mobility guarantee

    If your electric Porsche breaks down on the road, we guarantee that you can remain mobile with quick and flexible solutions.

    Porsche Assistance 900111191

Roadside assistance

You choose the destination.
If you need us, we’ll be there.

We offer a roadside assistance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with coverage throughout Europe.

Additionally, we have other services ranging from direct support in the event of a breakdown to organising your return trip.

Porsche Assistance 900111191

Home Check

We advise you on the best charging solution for your house, taking all circumstances into account. We will also give you a commitment-free quote for installation.

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Porsche Charging

Network of establishments equipped with Porsche chargers available on our website and your onboard navigation system. If you are a customer of the establishment, you can charge your Taycan for free during your stay. Discover the network here.

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Fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Modelos Taycan Berlina Deportiva (WLTP)*

      • 26,6 - 20,3 kWh/100 km
      • 0 - 0 g/km
      • 370 - 512 km

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  • Modelos Taycan Cross Turismo (WLTP)*

      • 26,4 - 22,4 kWh/100 km
      • 0 - 0 g/km
      • 389 - 490 km

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  • Modelos Panamera Berlina Deportiva E-Hybrid (WLTP)*

      • 2,9 - 2,0 l/100 km
      • 66 - 45 g/km
      • 24,6 - 22,6 kWh/100 km
      • 46 - 56 km

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  • Modelos Panamera Executive E-Hybrid (WLTP)*

      • 2,9 - 2,1 l/100 km
      • 67 - 47 g/km
      • 24,7 - 22,8 kWh/100 km
      • 46 - 55 km

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  • Modelos Panamera Sport Turismo E-Hybrid (WLTP)*

      • 3,0 - 2,1 l/100 km
      • 69 - 49 g/km
      • 24,9 - 23,1 kWh/100 km
      • 45 - 54 km

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  • Modelos Cayenne Coupé E-Hybrid (WLTP)*

      • 4,1 - 3,2 l/100 km
      • 92 - 73 g/km
      • 26,5 - 25,4 kWh/100 km
      • 39 - 43 km

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  • Modelos Cayenne SUV E-Hybrid (WLTP)*

      • 4,0 - 3,1 l/100 km
      • 92 - 71 g/km
      • 26,5 - 25,1 kWh/100 km
      • 39 - 44 km

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